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Study the Anti-Neoplastic Activity of RLO

Shark liver oil has been used for the treatment of cancers and other ailments based on the rarity of tumors in sharks and their ability to resist infections. Shark liver oil is a source of alkylglycerols which have been studied as anti-cancer agents in several clinical trials. Moreover, alkylglycerols have been investigated for the treatment of radiation induced side effects and for their ability to boost the immune system. Several

experimental studies have shown the ability of alkylglycerols to open the blood brain barrier to facilitate the access of therapeutic drugs to the central nervous system.

Many of the signaling pathways involved in cellular functions and communications are dependent on lipids. Interestingly, lipids are the single biochemical class that allows variability in structure depending on the nutrition. The lipid composition of cell membranes and as a result, the structures and functions of membrane–derived bioactive lipids.The main hypothesis for explaining multiple biological activities of alkyl-Gro was that they may be incorporated into cell membrane phospholipids, and from there modify their physical properties such as membrane fluidity and antioxidant status, or alter cell signaling through the phospholipase pathways. Its extension to alkyl-Gro is clearly a help for understanding their multiple biological activities.

Feasibility Study of Protein Modeling and Protein Engineering

Study of a new platform and approach for structural characteristics of the protein therapeutic and targets are under way. Structural characteristics of the protein therapeutic and targets will be examined. The ideal computer platform will be designed to recognize hotspots and other essential characteristics of the protein therapeutic.

Technological and Business Approaches

We are interested in biosensors that could provide the complete medical condition of an individual simply by using the cell phone or cell phone size instrument. This information can ultimately be transferred by the device to the specific clinic or health center for monitoring. Why cell phone, because vast majority of individuals use cell-phone these days and has a huge market. The importance of biosensor can be judged by the fact that current market size just for blood glucose monitoring is around $5 billion and the glucose biosensor became a vital part of any diabetes regimen and can improve the quality of life.

Biosensors we mainly know are biological element in close contact with a transducer. For this project we do not use directly the biological element such as enzymes or antibodies, nucleic acids as recognition element for a specific molecule of interest. But we may examine the use of biological events that cause change in optical, mass, electrical,… properties relative to the amount of the chemical of the interest and are converted into measurable electrical signal. We look at the optical changes from a bio-molecular recognition event that can be measured using miniature device built into cell phone devices (e.g. fluorescence and luminescence biosensors can be used to study protein activities).

Health Care Professional Prep-course Programs

The Canadian regulatory authority for nurses requires that all registered nurses meet an acceptable level of competence before they are licensed to practice as registered nurses. We provide inclusive preparation for foreign trained nurses (RN and LPN) who are currently licensed as practicing registered nurses in their own country. This program has been developed in order to provide adequate learning and training for internationally educated registered nurses so they can be successful in writing the necessary exams. These examinations evaluates the competencies expected from nurses for safe and successful practices. Our program is designed to improve IENs nursing skills and language proficiency to meet Canadian standards. Following the completion of our program, IENs will be more prepared to take the CELBAN, SEC and the registration exams and attain a passing grade.

Our Preparation Program will provide a comprehensive overview of the role of the Registered Nurse in Canada and covers each of the major concepts in nursing. Overall, students will gain a clear understanding of the professional responsibilities and standards of nursing practice in Canada.

Coaching and Developmental Solutions

Top issue in the mind leaders today is the need to "rebuild a culture of performance and productivity" in their organizations. This is a clear result of the current slow economy, restructuring and layoffs.

The recent studies showed that more companies are "changing" their performance management process. Our coaching programs provide opportunity for the company managers and staff to establish better suited performance in today's job marke.

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