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MCAT, GRE, AP and SAT Prep-courses; Academic Editing

East Coast Biomedius offers prep-courses for subjective sections of MCAT, GRE, AP, and SAT exams. We offer the most personalized prep courses with great flexibility. Our private tutoring programs are completely customized to your goals, schedule, and learning style. Build a foundation for your success with targeted instruction along with a complete suite of resources to practice on your own. Working one & one or in a small group setting, you'll review concepts and learn proven test-taking techniques and strategies. Prep at your own pace and on your own schedule with interactive lessons covering the test content. Study on your own with our comprehensive line of test prep books, including the best-selling title for MCAT, GRE, AP, and SAT.

AP classes can be as challenging as introductory college courses. Many high schools give greater "weight" to AP grades when calculating your GPA. An AP class signals to admissions officers that you're ready for college-level work.

Study smart with an integrated course that will prepare you for both exams with expert prep guaranteed to improve your score on SAT exams. With in-depth instruction focused on content and test-taking strategies, you will be ready to attack each test from all sides.

Academic Writing and Editing

We have extensive experience and helping native and non-native English speakers with writing projects.

Formats include scholarly articles, research papers, theses, manuscripts, admissions essays, personal statements, case studies, literature reviews, press releases, resumes/CVs, as well as promotional and business content.

Services include editing and proofreading for clarity, correct grammar, typos, sentence structure, citations, bibliographies, formatting, etc. for all levels of academic and business applications. We use dissertation and thesis style guides published by several universities' graduate schools. We can guide you through the online dissertation and thesis submission process.

Content areas include, but are not limited to science, healthcare, medical, consulting and economics.

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