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We work hard to become vested partners in educational systems and processes that make our clients successful, competitive, and comfortable with our services. We will assist our clients in meeting and exceeding their full potential; helping them to make systemic changes in areas they have identified as important. Our organization offers quality and affordable educational programs in Toronto, ON. East Coast Biomedius offers a diverse range of unique, comprehensive, and affordable programs. We also offer scientific advice to pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers related to products that they have in development and may be referred for a technology appraisal. We understand the importance of recognizing and overcoming technical steps to ensure that programs and projects are moving forward as quickly as possible without losing quality. We value respectful, open communication and teamwork to achieve shared goals.

We believe strong development of science and technology doesn’t require cutting-edge facilities to be first-class. Outstanding development needs creative minds, strong track records together with robust coordination and leadership. Based out of Toronto, ON with a global team of seasoned collaborators and advisers, East Coast Biomedius is focused on areas including teaching, coaching, discovery, and development of bio-medically related projects. Our virtual model of practice augments our clients’ resources by flawlessly integrating with their teams and providing additional capacity in the required areas.


4/23 Innovation in Distributed Embedded Energy Converter Technology (DEEC-Tec) Challenge. Generate new, pre-commercial materials for wave energy conversion. 

2/20 Consciousness and Biological and Artificial Intelligence: Their Influences in Psychology and Neuroscience. The 2020 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence. Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN'2020). July 2020, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Virtual Conference.

1/20 The Molecular, Cellular, and Biological

Perspectives of Memory. Journal of Medicine and Medical Science. Med. Clin. Sci. (2020) Vol 2, Issue 3 (MCS).

12/19 Age of Brain Exploration: Molecular, Cellular and Biological Perspectives of Memory. 'The 10th International Conference on Extreme Learning Machines (ELM2019)'. Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China.

6/19 The essential Fatty Acids, Alkylglycerols, Squalene; Secrets from Deep Sea. 

Presentation at Pardis Science and Technology Center, University of Tehran, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Tehran, (FBS).




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