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4/19 RLO Prevents Diabetic Nephropathy Via Regulation of TET Enzymes and DNA Demethylation. Conference presentation, Taipei, Taiwan. (KMU)

3/19 Mallakin A. An Integration of Deep Learning and Neuroscience for Machine Consciousness. Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology. 19:1,21-29 (GJCST)

8/17 The Art of Direct Brain to Brain Communication, a Possible Form of Future Communication. Further exploring the uncharted territory of Cognitive Function & Direct Brain Communiqué.

6/17 Application of RLO Reveals Stress Signaling Other Than Oncogenic Over expression. Presentation at Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


4/17 Research Collaboration with Academics in Taiwan. Multi-project Biomedical Research Collaboration with Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

2/17 Online Bio/Medical and Health related courses. Featuring courses on-line to foster easier access and cost effectiveness. Check the benefits of Online Courses (Online Courses).

8/16 Contribution to Cancer Research Projects Through AACR Foundation. American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). 

8/16 Fund Raising to Support our Cancer Research Activity. The smile could end wars and cure cancer. John Green (Our Inquiry).

4/16 The One That was Asked to be Shared. If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Nikola Tesla (P. LaViolette Inquiry).

4/16 Gene Expression Profiling through RT-PCR Analysis. Initial study shows induced expression of tumor suppressors and apoptotic genes in breast cancer cell line after RLO exposure for 72-hour. Collaboration with Department of biotechnology, Sharda University, Uttar Pradesh, India (Data Page).

3/16 Scalar Wave: Friend or Foe. Use of Scalar Wave in Medicine. Participation in International Scalar Wave Meeting, March 4-5, Überlingen, Germany.

2/16 The Anti-proliferative and Anti-neoplastic Characteristics of RLO. Collaborative project with Tehran Universities to determine the wide characteristics of RLO.

11/15 Ratfish Liver Oil, The Nature Rare Wonder. Gold of the ocean has strengthening effects, can be used for the general health maintenance and wide range of specific purposes (Page I & Page II).

4/15 NASA EPSCoR Proposal Evaluation. Serving as a reviewer of NASA’s Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) proposals.

3/15 Addition of New Training Programs and Lunch of a New Flyer. New training programs in local, provincial and national levels for IENs and IMGs are added. Lunch of new electronic flyers (Page I & Page II).

12/14 Classic to Modern Ways of Cancer Treatment. Study the anti-neoplastic effects of specific fish oil, which has not been known by public but it has been used in treatment and management of cancer patients, in collaboration with China and Norway.


9/14 I) Breast Cancer Paper Contribution. II) Municipal Election. Conducted the analysis of target gene variants for our recent publication titled 'DMP1β induces proliferation and progression in breast cancer'. Running for city council in November election.


5/14 Gravity-Manipulation and Energy Production. What is known and what need to be known in order to use the gravitational force and photons as a new pollution-free energy?

12/13 Origin of Life and External Correction of Human Evolutionary Path. Is next year the year that answers some of our evolutionary or cosmic questions? 

08/13 I) Origins of Solar Systems Review Panel, NASA, Aug. 2013, Washington, DC. II) Addition of the Medical Catalog

Review proposals for 2013 Cosmochemistry (COS2) and panel gathering in Washington. Launch of "Human Disease” cataloging site that allows free search of the selected medical database.

06/13 I) Building the Core Research Group for Protein Modeling. II) Offering more Prep-courses. Building the core team with collaborative experts in our protein modeling program. Also more prep-courses will be offered to individuals and private colleges.


04/13 Feasibility Study and Partnership in Protein Modeling. Vigorous approach toward feasibility study and strategic partnership in the area of computational chemistry. Study toward protein modeling, antibody design and receptor-drug interaction.


03/13 Supporting BC Local Unions. Our qualifying prep-courses are offered to health care professionals supported by local unions.


01/13 Space Biology and Astrobiology. We made contribution in the information related to the developmental programs for Omics-type data in the course of space biology and astrobiology research.


11/12 Overseas Curriculum Design Contribution. After designing a curriculum for a South Korean college last year, we contribute to the development of a Middle Curriculum Project that will be used in Middle East and North African countries.


10/12 Provincial Business Cooperation. The company has expanded its services by making contribution to provincial government programs through collaborative work with third party private sectors.


09/12 Implementation of New Activities. WCBiomedius is joining local business associations in order to maintain contacts in the business community as well as to stay well informed about the issues that are important to local businesses.


04/12 BioMEM and Biosensor Studies. In this project we will not use directly the biological element such as enzymes or antibodies, nucleic acids as recognition element for a specific molecule of interest. But we may examine the use of biological events that cause change in optical, mass, electrical,… properties relative to the amount of the chemical of the interest and are converted into measurable electrical signal.


03/12 Coaching and Developmental Seminar Series. The company has started to provide coaching, work ethics and developmental program in form of seminars or courses for interested groups and institutions.


02/12 Health Care Programs. Start of our prep-courses for health care program that includes offering prep-courses such as CELBAN, SEC and CRNE.

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