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Adopted from Canadian English Language Assessment Services (CELAS) Centre

CELBAN™ Speaking Assessment:

• The speaking assessment includes an oral interview and two role plays.

• Two assessors carry out the assessment.

• The speaking assessment is tape recorded for future reference if needed by

assessors to verify score.

• The speaking assessment includes two role plays in which the candidate is

asked to interact with the "patient" (one of the assessors) by asking questions to

obtain information, and to give instructions and offer explanations.

• In addition, the candidate will be asked to answer questions to demonstrate their

ability to narrate, describe, summarize, synthesize, state and support opinion,

and advise.

• Criteria for scoring speaking tasks is based on CLB descriptors:

General use of English language




Use of cohesive devices

Adequacy of vocabulary for purpose


Use of strategies

Speaking tasks demonstrated

• Scores are assigned as CLB levels.

• Total time: 35 minutes

Please note: Feedback on strengths and weaknesses in speaking is provided on the score report that is mailed to the candidate.

CELBAN™ Listening Assessment:

• There are five video scenarios (in various settings including hospital, home, clinic, and

medical office).

• There are four audio scenarios (phone calls and shift-to-shift reports).

• Scenarios include interactions between nurses and patients, family members, and other


• Question format: multiple choice (some in chart format)

• Time: 45 minutes

CELBAN™ Reading Assessment:

• The reading assessment includes two sections: skimming and scanning (10 minutes)

reading comprehension (40 minutes)

• Text includes various formats such as charts, patient notes, manuals, and information

texts related to health issues.

• Question format: short answer questions (skimming and scanning)

multiple choice questions (reading comprehension), including a cloze exercise*

• Scores are assigned as CLB levels.

• Time: 40 minutes

CELBAN™ Writing Assessment:

• In the CELBAN Writing Test, you will write to summarize and communicate ideas. The writing prompts deal with health-related topics that are familiar to nurses. The first task involves using the information in an incident report (provided in a chart format) as the basis for a narrative description. The second task presents an opinion about an issue that affects healthcare and invites a response. In your response, you are asked to be clear about your perspective and provide support for your argument (the reasons for your position). Your writing will be evaluated based on standardized criteria from the Canadian Language Benchmarks.


• Criteria for scoring writing tasks is based on CLB descriptors:

1. Task Purpose—how well the written response meets the task requirements (narrates an event; expresses an opinion) 2. Content and Organization—whether the content is organized in a way that makes it easy for the reader to understand the incident and recognize your opinions

3. Grammatical Structures—the variety of sentence structures used, and their accuracy

4. Vocabulary—the variety and accuracy of general and health related vocabulary

5. Fluency—the flow of your written narrative and letter

• Scores are assigned as CLB levels.

• Time: 40 minutes

CELBAN Test Information Manual (New Updates)

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