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From Ayako, Victoria, BC

I am from Japan. I moved to Victoria 4 months ago. I started the CELBAN lesson with Dr. Mallakin in July 2012. Before I find his on-line lesson, it was very difficult to find out how someone can teach me a Medical English courses in Victoria. However, I finally found his website while looking for CELBAN preparation course.

It is amazing. He has helped me to remember the medical English vocabularies, and he has helped me in learning how to answer questions in CELBAN exam. This is very important for taking this exam. Also, he sent me lots of wonderful and useful videos and assignments for each of my lessons. He gave me a writing essays and homeworks, then he corrected my mistakes. Moreover, he taught me using sample testes, so I can practice almost a real CELBAN exam many times which I could not find on another website.

Above all, the training style and assignments that I received from him have been incredible, and I like so much the way he teachs. I strongly recommend Dr. Mallakin's CELBAN preparation course.

Ayako, RN

From Reiko Takaoka, Whistler, BC

I had a hard time to find CELABAN information for long time because there is not much information about it. Also I don't live in Vancouver which makes it more difficult for me to get the help I need.

Dr. Mallakin can teach lessons on line and one by one which is better. I was able to chose the lesson time and date which was very convenient and helpful. He gave me a variety of assingnments every lesson so I could continue to study. I was very glad to take his lessons and I have plenty of time to prepare for the test and I'll be confident before the CELABAN test.

Reiko Takaoka, RN

From Ayuha Yamamoto, Vancouver, BC

Hi, I am Ayuha from Japan and I live in Vancouver at the moment. I used to be a nurse in Japan for three years . I came to Canada two and half a year ago and I decided to become a RN in Canada last year. Then fortunately I found Dr. Mallakin. I work full time but his lessons are flexible, so I could take his lessons on my day off. He is a professional and his CELBAN lesson is based on real CELBAN exams. He also strengthen my weak points and makes me more confidence. I really enjoy studying with him and I can say you are lucky because you now find him and get a chance to become a RN. Let's go for it together!

Ayuha Yamamoto, RN

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